Salem 3×07 ‘The Man Who Was Thursday’ review

Well, that’s a way to kill off the devil.

Filled with unexpected twists and turns, Salem is knocking their few final episodes with a bang. It’s really difficult to say good-bye to a show that presents so many dramatic storylines and plot twists and this past episode is no exception. It just leaves you wanting more and I’m sure the final three episodes will give it to us.

Let’s begin:

Mary Rises From the Ashes

After a “passionate” night with Sebastian, Mary has to continue the facade of being in love with him. After Sebastian attempts to run away with Mary outside of Salem, she begins to disintegrate due to the Essex spell. He brings her back. Feeling guilty for what he had done, Sebastian pledges to do anything for her, including visiting the Essex witches to deliver Mary’s message.

Meanwhile, John pays the blacksmith to let him use his shop to make the knife to kill the Sentinel. In a shirtless scene that I know many Shane West fans will be retweeting, John uses his anger of seeing Mary and Sebastian to create the knife.

Guilt-ridden Mary pens a letter to John updating him on what she knows and acknowledges what he saw the night Mary and Sebastian had sex was real. She gives it to Cotton to deliver it to John.

As Cotton is leaving, he hears his father’s voice through the door. The voice tells him that he must say Yes to whatever he is asked. The Sentinel stops him from trying to open it and confirms that through that door is Hell.

The Sentinel enters Mary’s room as she is dressed in the wedding dress the Devil has made for her. She taunts him with her becoming a Goddess.

Sebastian visits the Devil and confesses that he worked with Mary and the Essex witches who plan on destroying the Devil. Angry, the Devil visits the Essex Hive and intends on destroying them. Instead, the Devil has been double-crossed by Sebastian and Mary. The Essex witches sacrifice themselves to give Mary her powers back and use the tree to decapitate the Devil. The Sentinel appears and allows the Devil to die. He plans to continue Black Sunday and release his brothers and sisters from Hell.

Now that the Devil is gone, Sebastian thinks they can finally be together, but Mary tells him they must stop the Sentinel from continuing Black Sunday. Sebastian dedicates himself to Mary.

Meanwhile, the remains of the Devil is collected by an unknown person and taken. We all know it’s Tituba, right? She’s been the outlier this season who just wants to survive. She has been underutilized. Where was she when the Essex witches sacrificed themselves? She is part of the Essex tribe. So… where was she? She is collecting the remains of the Devil, which is scary because she is a necromancer.Maybe, in the end, Tituba will be the last one standing.

Annie Are you Okay?

Cotton visits Anne to see her womb fully grown, due to her “witch blood”, and requests that she come to the Sibley House. Anne tells him she must attend to some matters first and then join him. When he leaves, Anne is greeted by an unknown spirit. She knows what it is, but hasn’t truly accepted the evil witch within her.

Anne has plans for Gloriana. Using her powers, which has turned Anne into a beast during casting, she wipes Gloriana’s memories. She requests Mercy, the mistress of the brothel, to take Gloriana as one of her “girls”. Being a witch herself, Mercy senses the empty womb from Gloriana, but understands “All is Fair in Love and War” and that Anne owes her. Mercy takes Gloriana to her brothel. Anne then looks in the mirror and sees the ugly witch inside of her.

I do enjoy the interaction between Mercy and Anne. It’s like Mercy knows the real Anne and who she has become, while Anne is stuck in her “I’m still really the good and innocent” mentality. Anne also is very priviledged – she is rich and has magic to take someone’s child. She is trying to convince herself and others that she is just doing what’s best for the baby and Cotton – when she’s really trying to protect her own interests. As much as I loved Anne in the first and second season, I can do without evil third season Anne.

The New Knocker’s Hole

Meanwhile, Isaac inspires the townsfolk to rise above their status quo. With the town support, Isaac has made Knocker’s Hole into their own small town with their own laws.

Mercy watches from her brothel as Isaac becomes the leader of Knocker’s Hole. She complains to her lover, Hawthorne, but he tells her that she will be his bride and move to the classy part of Salem. Mercy, who had a checkered past, doesn’t believe it could happen, but Hawthorne convinces her that she’s the victim in all of this.

Isaac has established law and order in Knocker’s Hole making him judge and jury, but he is a fair one. Instead of punishing a man who stole food to feed his family, he presents the man with bread and tells him he must work in the town to earn it. Isaac’s men bring in John, who was brought in for using the blacksmith’s shop with the blacksmith nowhere to be found. John tells Isaac they had an arrangement. Trusting John’s word, Isaac vouches for him.

As they walk together updating each other on their lives, they run into Cotton who reveals to John that he was coerced into working for the Devil to protect Anne and their child. Cotton tells John that the attack will come from within Salem and gives him the letter from Mary. Illiterate, John asks Cotton to read it. It reveals the plans and her love for John.

Later on that night, with Mary’s letter in hand in his home, John sees Mary and Sebastian returning from the woods. He allows the letter to burn. With the look on John’s face as the letter burns, one would think he’s letting go of a future with Mary. He just seemed too upset that she slept with Sebastian, even if it was for a greater cause. It seems that he forgot that he also slept with Tituba last season. Yeah, they weren’t together at that time, but still. It was wrong.

I am enjoying the idea of Isaac becoming his own Magistrate. It’s about time people gave him the respect he deserves. Hopefully, there is no Black Sunday because it’d be great to give Isaac more power eventually in Salem.

The show is really picking up the pace. I did not expect the Devil to be killed off already. It mentally and physically hurt hearing the screams from Oliver Bell. A part of me felt sad that a child had to die, but it’s understandable when it’s the Devil. Bell did a fanstastic job this season, but I’m expecting to see more of him.

Overall, there is one question that still boggles my mind this season: Where is Marilyn Manson in all of this? I want more Manson. He’s just perfect as the Devil’s follower… or maybe the Devil himself. I just need more Manson.

Salem airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on WGN America.

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