Ridley Scott explains why he won’t direct a superhero film

Not only has Ridley Scott directed several genre films, but he’s responsible for some of the most iconic genre films in the history of cinema. He made the original Alien and Blade Runner, widely considered some of the best science fiction ever produced, and he continues to tell these kinds of stories with last year’s The Martian and the upcoming Alien: Covenant. It might seem like someone with this kind of resume would be interested in tackling a superhero project, but apparently that’s not the case.

Scott was interviewed by press, including  Digital Spy, and he told them that he has no interest in superhero cinema and wants to “keep making smart films.”

“Superhero movies are not my kind of thing – that’s why I’ve never really done one,” he said.”[I’ve been asked] several times, but I can’t believe in the thin, gossamer tight-rope of the non-reality of the situation of the superhero.”

His negative comments weren’t just aimed at superhero films, however. He admitted that “cinema mainly is pretty bad” and that he’s concerned for its future prospects.

“I want to keep doing cinema and I hope it doesn’t affect those of us who still keep making smart films,” he said. “I’m hoping it doesn’t affect me.”

Scott’s Alien: Covenant, hopefully a smart film, will be released on May 19, 2017.

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