X-Men characters may appear in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite; Capcom to focus on old IPs


Before Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite was revealed at this year’s PlayStation Experience, there have been plenty of rumors circulating online. One of the biggest rumors was centered around the cast of characters that would be included in the game. It was mentioned that Marvel would not be using any characters from either the X-Men or Fantastic Four due to issues between Marvel and Fox since Fox currently owns the movie rights to the previously mentioned franchises. The post stated that instead Marvel would be shifting attention to characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which would make sense especially with the shift in the game’s visuals.

It wouldn’t have been a big surprise if this was true, but it would be a huge disappointment mainly due to the fact that characters including Wolverine, Magneto, and Dr. Doom have been with the series since Marvel Super Heroes. With how Marvel has been phasing out many of these characters in the comic series, luckily, it seems the rumors are incorrect as a post on NeoGaf (the same forum board that originally revealed that a new Marvel vs Capcom games was in development) has stated that Marvel will, in fact, be including characters from the various franchises with plans to release some of them as DLC.

This is all to be taken for a grain of salt until we learn more about the cast of characters coming to the game. Luckily all of the rumors that have been revealed leading up to the announcement of the game have been true.

There’s another big piece of news revealed by Capcom after revealing the game. In a press release the company said it is currently focused on reviving series that have not had new entries recently, or otherwise dormant IP. This is great news for fans who have been asking Capcom to release new titles from their extremely large library of titles, some which haven’t seen a new game in almost a decade or two. It would be awesome to see a new release like Mega Man X, Onimsuha, Power Stone, Rival Schools. Darkstalkers and plenty of other titles.

Capcom is definitely moving in a great direction, especially with so many titles to look forward to. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will also be the first game in the series that will include a cinematic story mode.

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