Comic-Con HQ Winter Series Showcase has a lot to offer

On top of the world premiere for Con Man season 2 finally coming out on Tuesday, December 6th, an event will be held at the Paley Center in Los Angeles featuring Alan Tudyk, and star of the show, and others like Mark Hamill, Nathan Fillion, and more!

If you have yet to see the trailer for Con Man season 2, check it out below:

Not only will be the season be debuting, but there will be a panel where the show will be talked about and questions will be answered. And if that wasn’t awesome enough for you, a panel session for Mark Hamill of Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest and Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr. of Kings of Con. You wanted Con Man, and you were given so much more!

The event starts at 6 pm, and the panels begin at 7 pm. We’re looking forward to sharing the event with you!

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