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Looks like The Walking Dead is following a big story arc directly from the comic. The Walking Dead’s official Facebook recently posted the image above hinting at the removal of Carl’s bandage. He was shot in the eye in the beginning of the second half of Season 6 and has been in a bandage since then. The last we saw Carl, he tells Enid that he has to do something about the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. He is spotted by Jesus inside the same truck he sneaked into find the Saviors’ hideout. Also, a new promo shows Carl with Negan inside the Sanctuary and at one point removing his bandage in front of him.

We know that The Walking Dead has slightly changed events based on certain circumstances, but mainly has stayed on pace with the comic. The Negan/Carl story arc is an important once as this is the beginning of Carl’s transition from a kid to an adult.

Spoilers beyond this pointcarl_138

If the show is going to stay true to the comic with this story as well, then Carl will end up killing a few of the Saviors as revenge before being caught. Instead of being punished, Negan instead shows Carl around the Sanctuary and grows fond of Carl. He’s even returned to Rick unharmed. Carl’s time with Negan, however, is one of self awareness as he begins to accept his injury and begins to move forward. Negan sees Carl as a threat, but also as an equal and a survivor.

And further down the road when Negan is defeated and imprisoned, Carl visits him from time to time and becomes a mentor to him. He grows to be more stronger mentally and accepts who he his and what he must become to survive. It’s an important story for Carl and it’s good to see them taking this route. It’s also an important one for Negan as he shows remorse and compassion to Carl despite having killed his men. Where this route leads us is uncertain yet, and there are lots of rumors of Carl’s demise due to recent life events for actor Chandler Riggs. We’ll have to wait and see.

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