Serial Cleaner: Fun ’70s style game lets you clean up murder scenes

Releasing a teaser trailer nearly six months ago, the fast-paced, groovy game Serial Cleaner is finally up for grabs!

With lots of positive reviews and recommendations on why to play it on Steam, we’re looking forward to playing it! “While I was more than a bit skeptical when first launching the game, Serial Cleaner is one of those few games this years that honestly took me by surprise, in terms of underestimating its quality,” says user WarriorDan on the game’s Steam page.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Inherent Vice and loved it, I can assure you that you’ll love this game as well. Upon seeing the teaser, I immediately was reminded of the movie.

You play as a guy who cleans up murder scenes and has to dispose of various things from the crime, like bodies and murder weapons. The overall game has that classic 1970s feel, and takes on a really cool art style.

As simple and straightforward the plot may be, the game offers so much more. It’s fast-paced style and action-y overtones make it all the more fun.

Check out some gameplay below, and don’t forget to pick up the game!

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