Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda present Millennials: The Musical


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda have teamed up to create a musical. No! Not just any musical. A musical for MILLENNIALS!

Last week, The Rock’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios released their first mockumentary video, ‘The Making of Millennials: The Musical” where he and Miranda introduced the concept of their new “musical” and a look ‘behind-the-scenes’. The clip featured the musical’s creator – an entitled millennial named Michael Palomar (Jack Jordan Norman) who “tweeted” the idea to Johnson and Miranda.

The musical is about privileged New Yorker named Crystal (Meg DeAngelis) whose world comes crashing down when she loses her phone. With the help of Gen-Xer Jack (Jon Hall), they look for where her phone would be, which consist of multiple millennial hotspots like a startup, juice bar, coffee shop, and dance club. While the fifteen-minute musical pokes fun at the millennial lifestyle and terms, it still has a catchy beat, all thanks to Miranda.

Let’s go to Burning Man!

Check it out below:


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