The Walking Dead ‘Swear’: We found Tara


After the mass murder of the Saviors’ outpost, Tara and Heath seemed to be in their own little world scavenging for their two-week long excursion for supplies. They don’t know about Denise, Abraham, Glenn, or even the changes being made at Alexandria. And, let’s be honest. We all sort of forgot about Tara and Heath, especially due to the circumstances of our group.

Tara has been a bit of a comic-relief with her quirky attitude and sarcastic remarks. Heath has always been a side character and was probably killed off because actor Corey Hawkins is starring in the new Fox series, 24: Legacy. So, for Tara to get her own 75-minute episode, speaks volumes on how they plan on giving Tara a larger role this season. It is because of her that we are introduced to the Oceanside group.

In the comics, the Oceanside group allies with Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom, but long after the war with the Saviors. They trade their fish with the surrounding communities. The Oceanside group in the comics never had to deal with the Saviors nor be a community full of women. I guess, this was changed to give the community new meaning with the Saviors. Afterall, Negan and his men did kill all of the men and boys in Oceanside. With their armory, this could be another group to fight alongside Rick and the rest of the communities against Negan. Also, it gave us some new faces in the game. I’m really liking Cindy. She still has compassion for people, even after all she has been through and she does have an amazing shot.

Sadly, Tara returns home to find out the truth of what happened to her people. With Rosita egging her own to reveal what she found during her hunt, Tara keeps her promise to Cindy and does not reveal the community of Oceanside. With that, maybe the community of Oceanside may not come out during the war between the Saviors. Maybe they will be kept secret until after the great battle and then come out of the woodworks like in the comics. Hopefully not.

The episode does tell us a bit more about Tara. Even with the loss of Denise, which was told sadly with her holding a doctor bobblehead that we presume was a gift for her beloved, Tara kept her secret to keep the people of Oceanside safe and possibly to keep her own people safe. After finding out the truth about the Saviors (there being more of them and how brutal they were), maybe Tara wanted to keep the peace as much as possible and that’s why she didn’t tell Rosita about the guns.

I imagine more storylines for Tara, especially with what happened to Heath. It’s nice for the writers to finally flesh out Tara a little bit more. It seemed after her time with the Governor, she became a secondary character who was there for the laughs. But, maybe this season, we’ll see her lead the people of Oceanside with Cindy.

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