Pokemon Moon (Nintendo 3DS Review)


It has been 20 years since Pokémon has been introduced to us. And during that time it has evolved from card game to TV, toys, apparel, video game, and more. This year Pokémon Go was introduced to the world and was met with great success but recently has died down. Now with a new anime just kicking off in Japan, it is time for a new world for the players to explore and new starters to join our team. The games and anime may be aimed towards the younger generations, but those that grew up with it are still fans, myself included.


The new anime, as well as the game, has Ash and us in the Alola Islands. Being in a new location brings new challenges. Gone are the Gym Battles and Badges which were key formulas for the past Pokemon games and what made the games very fun. A new template has been introduced to the players in the way of Trials from each island. The battle is still there but instead of the normal beat the underlings to get to the leader, you must also now perform different trials to see if you are worthy of the match. One that comes to my mind that was a bit annoying was a “Name that Tune” Challenge that took a few tries. These trials also give you an insight about the Islands and its inhabitants, especially about the Guardian Diety Pokémons.

The challenges come in various ways from a listening to observing to recognition skill challenges. It may also tie into the type of Pokémon that is preferred by the trial captain. Once you get past the trials you must fight the Totem Pokémon. These are normal Pokemon that are usually tied into the challenges and given a battle advantage on you.

Another change to the Pokémon formula is during a fight against a wild Pokémon. The battle may start out as 1v1 but it can change quickly if the wild Pokémon calls for assistance. Then it will change into a 2v1 game which will either frustrate you or make you step your game up. So make sure you have a good battle plan going into a fight against a wild Pokémon. Either way, this new change is a good thing in my eyes as it keeps the game fresh. Not that the original formula was getting boring, but it is always good to make changes and see if it works or not.


A new feature that is being introduced into this game is the Z-Crystals and Z-Moves. Z-Crystals are rewarded to you once you complete a trial. Z-Crystals are Alola’s version of the Mega Stones but the crystals can be used by any Pokémon depending on its type. It can make an attack stronger depending on that Pokémon and some Pokémon have their own like Pikachu has Pikanium Z. The Z-Crystals can amplify a move of a certain Pokémon as long as its conditions have been met. I have yet to use my Z-Crystal moves on anyone but I have a feeling I may need it in later parts.

Final Reaction

Though the changes are a bit weird to see, it’s not a bad change. It takes a while to get used to but I have grown to like it. I have yet to see anything that may lower the grade on this game so this is a must own for any Pokémon fan.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms


*Pokemon Sun/Moon was reviewed using a retail unit provided by Nintendo.

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