LEGO City: Undercover coming to all platforms and Switch in Spring 2017

LEGO video games have always been fun for all ages, but if there’s any game to get excited about, it’s this one.

WB Games Tweeted this morning that their current Wii U exclusive LEGO City: Undercover is going to be released on all platforms in Spring 2017. This includes Nintendo’s upcoming console Switch.

LEGO City: Undercover was released as a Wii U exclusive in March 2013, and it was quite different from other LEGO games released at that time. Rather than using licensed characters, the game starred detective Chase McCain as he tried to stop LEGO City’s criminal underground. What ensued were some silly LEGO antics in a bustling open-world that many people dubbed “LEGO Grand Theft Auto.”

The game was reviewed positively all around currently holding an 80 on Metacritic. I know I’ll be purchasing the game for my Nintendo Switch come Spring!

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