The Walking Dead ‘Go Getters’ reminds us ‘We are all Negan’


Last Season, a Savior uttered the words We are all Negan to Carol. At first it appeared as a cover for who Negan was since another claimed to be Negan only to be shot by Rick. Earlier this season, we see Negan questioning his men on who they were. They all replied Negan. We’ve seen the grasp and influence Negan has over his men and the colonies he claims to protect, and so far he hasn’t loosened his grip one bit on each person under his control. The latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Go Getters,” brings us back to the Hilltop Colony, the first time since Rick and gang left after striking a deal with Gregory.

Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop, starts to show his true colors. Although he appears to be loyal to Rick’s group, he quickly turns his back on them due to recent events with Negan and Rick’s group. Now, not wanting anything to do with them, he fears Negan even more because Maggie couldn’t complete her part of the deal. Maggie and Sasha see him as a coward now than before, even though he claims that his actions are to protect the Hilltop Colony, he’s really looking out for himself. He’s had an attempt at his life before and now fears their deal will be discovered. Jesus pushes for Maggie’s safety at Hilltop, but Gregory only allows her to stay the night.


The night is interrupted with a car blasting loud music, their gates wide open and fire pits luring walkers inside their walls. A message was sent by the Saviors as the people of Hilltop scramble to handle the situation. Maggie and Sasha assist with the situation and are still turned down by Gregory to stay. He offers them food before departing, and while some negotiations are being held, the Saviors arrive. Gregory has both Maggie and Sasha hide in a closet while he plays his part in not knowing what has transpired, even when Simon brings up the dead men at their outpost that the Hilltop was working with. Simon informs Gregory that he is his Negan now, and appears to try to get something out of Gregory while talking about what has happened. He hints several times that Gregory may have been involved with Rick and his group, but Gregory plays dumb.

Simon, Negan’s right-hand man, is really clever. He confidently knows that Gregory was involved, but doesn’t come out and say it. He uses a play on words to get Gregory to admit it, but it doesn’t work. He even tries to remind them of what the Saviors are offering the Hilltop in hopes he will confess as gratitude. Gregory, eventually caves in and brings Simon to a closet to reveal Maggie and Sasha, but instead finds it empty with a stash of scotch. Gregory has played his hand, and now showed his intentions of no longer being loyal to Rick or Maggie. Jesus knew he would give them up, so he had them hide in Gregory’s private room. Afterward, Gregory confronts Jesus, but Jesus insists that they are all staying and removes Gregory from his position of leader and Maggie states that Hilltop is now her home.


This episode also reminds us that Carl is still a kid. Along with Enid, they will rebel, they will do what they want, even if it can get them killed. They travel to Hilltop because they want to know that Maggie is safe. Along the way they find two pairs of skates and become kids again. That small instance of being young is thrown out the window once they arrive. They see the Saviors there and Carl wants to sneak in and kill them all. He wants Enid to come to, but she tried to keep him from going. They share their first kiss, and Carl insists he’s going. Sasha knows that Maggie will never be safe as long as Negan is still alive, so she asks Jesus to find where their camp is. He knows one of the trucks is going back to their base, so he sneaks in to find Carl inside as well.

The fifth episode into the season and everyone is still coping with the events of the season premiere. Talks of vengeance and compliance have been thrown around into what’s to be done with Negan. Rick has appeared to given up and has conceded to Negan. Gregory has followed suit and even attempted to give up Maggie to show his allegiance, but it backfired. The people of Alexandria are growing restless toward Rick to find answers, and a new leader must bring them all together. Maggie’s last statement to Gregory, to respect her and how Hilltop is her new home, is the first sign of her growing into their new leader. As we see Negan’s influence spreading even further, it will test those who are willing to stand up against him. And now that Rick has stepped down and accepted Negan as their leader, we now have Maggie in full furry ready to take charge. Glenn’s death has sparked new life for her and her future child, so now we’ll see where the rest of the season takes us. Hopefully she can bring the spark back into Rick as well.

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