Dune film and television rights belong to Legendary Pictures now

If you’ve never heard of the Dune series, you’re going to be in for a treat. Long before there was Game of Thrones and the vie for power from different families, there were several warring houses trying to acquire resources called “spice melange” in the Dune universe. All the different houses spilled blood, sweat, and tears, just trying to acquire this special resources. Within all this fighting, there is drama, and drama is good especially if it’s done right. Again, look at how HBO has handled Game of Thrones. Now imagine that type of drama mixed with titanic-sized sandworms trying to kill you.

Frank Herbert’s Dune has been on film and a television in that past, but now the rights have fallen in the hands of Legendary Pictures. They are now looking into turning this turbulent and interesting franchise into its own film series, perhaps a cinematic universe as well? We won’t know what Legendary Pictures will bring us, but what we do know is that with our modern technology for filmmaking and special effects, it should be a beautifully done science fiction masterpiece. I’m being optimistic about this since this series seriously needs to be introduced to a new generation.

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