Dark Rose Valkyrie coming to PS4 in 2017


JRPG fans rejoice! Idea Factory International is bringing over a new game to keep you busy as you get to slaughter monsters like there’s no tomorrow.

Dark Rose Valkyrie is a turn-based, action RPG with a strategic battle system based around heavy hitting combinations attacks, magic and counter-attacks. Players will have to watch the enemies’ action gauge as well as their own to decide if they should go for their heavy hitting combo attacks or use counter attacks which will cancel opponents turns.

During my time with demo, I’ve witnessed your standard elemental combos, team combos, and over-the-top finishing moves. The combat system is very reminiscent of the Grandia series where you’re able to chain your teammate’s attacks as well as cancel your opponent’s turns with a well-timed critical strike.

Overall the story is based around your team of Valkyries fighting to wipe out a virus that is able to corrupt others including your teammates. While the main components of the story will be the same on each play-through, based on player actions throughout the story, the character that betrays you will vary which adds a nice level of replayability.

Check out the teaser trailer below and get ready to wipe out some viruses.

Dark Rose Valkyrie is scheduled for Spring 2017 exclusively on the PS4.

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