A look at Count Olaf: A Series of Unfortunate Events

ASOUE Trailer // Meet Count Olaf

I have to admit, when Netflix first announced they were taking on A Series of Unfortunate Events, I was queasy. It’s one of my favorite book series, and different from popular opinion, I quite enjoyed the movie.

A few months ago, some behind-the-scenes pictures were released of them in the process of filming. I wasn’t too impressed. Just last month, Netflix released the official teaser trailer for the new series! Take a look at it here:

Now, we’re finally getting a deeper look into the entire series when Netflix let us meet count Olaf last week. Take a look:

At first, the series was to my upmost dismay. Especially because I enjoyed how the first movie captured the post-Victorian-looking outfits they all wore. This new series may not carry that over, but it has a lot of new stuff to offer. For example, Neil Patrick Harris pulling off a fabulous Count Olaf!

What do you think?

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