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dwight-darylWho are you?

The one question that will show your allegiance, but also proves that he is everywhere. By slowly breaking down the people who follow him, Negan has shown that he’s capable of manipulating anyone to bend to his will. The last time we saw Daryl, he was being taken away after the death of both Abraham and Glenn. Negan demanded Daryl’s capture with Rick and crew not being able to do anything about it. In The Walking Dead‘s third episode, The Cell,  we get to see what lies ahead for Daryl’s fate. After Rick’s torment at the hands of Negan to break his will, Dwight now has Daryl in his hands for the same reason.

Dwight’s influence over the Savior’s is shown early on in the episode. He’s able to get pretty much whatever he wants, which is very evident as he makes himself a delicious looking breakfast sandwich while literally taking all the ingredients from everyone. But as he’s enjoying what most people only dream of, he gives the exact opposite to Daryl, giving him a dog food sandwich instead. It appears to be a routine for Dwight, while blasting the same song, Easy Street, to drive Daryl insane to the point where he’ll crack as Rick did. The problem here, however, is that all Daryl has to do is endure, and he may get out of this jam. Rick was tormented by the loss of 2 friends, as well as nearly cutting off his own son’s hand off, before finally bending to Negan’s will. Dwight doesn’t have that same grasp over Daryl, so the endless cycle of torment is used in hopes of breaking his spirit.


Daryl appears to be slowly losing his mind, and with Dwight off to do “grunt work” for Negan- not because he has to but because he wants to- the one who takes over his watch over Daryl accidentally leaves the door unlocked. Daryl is surprised, and takes advantage of the situation, running into Sherry. She warns him to head back because he will never escape, but Daryl pushes on before being caught while trying to steal a motorcycle. Completely surrounded, and facing Negan directly, Negan shows his control over his men by asking a simple question: Who are you? Each responds with “Negan.” Daryl shows his hand by not bowing to Negan, nor even flinching when he swings Lucille at him, stopping inches from his face. Negan is surprised by this, and departs while his men beat Daryl. Back in his cell, Sherry returns to apologize for their last encounter.

Once Dwight returns from his search of a runaway worker, and killing him, he confronts Daryl and blames him for Glenn’s death, while accepting blame for the death of Sherry’s sister, Tina. A frustrated Daryl throws his sandwich at Dwight, to which he retaliates by putting a photo on his wall. A curious Daryl looks at the photo, which turns out to be Glenn’s body, causing Daryl to break down. Dwight begins to blast another song, Crying, and hears Daryl cry over Glenn’s death. Seeing an opportunity here, Dwight brings Daryl to Negan again. Negan begins to tell Daryl how Dwight and him managed to get along, despite the atrocities against him. How the point system was used for them to get what they needed for Sherry’s sister Tina, and even though they ran with all the medicine, Dwight and Sherry returned to Negan. Negan offers Daryl water, an apartment and clothes for his loyalty. Asks again, Who are you?


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With that response, Daryl shows Negan that he will never bow to him. Dwight is still surprised that he hasn’t broken him, but Negan likes the challenge of it. Here, we are hitting uncharted water since Daryl isn’t in the comic. Dwight, in a sense, was created in the comics due to Daryl’s popularity in the show, even sporting Daryl’s trademark crossbow and vest. The comic, introducing Dwight in 2012, drew its inspiration for Negan’s lackey after the mass hysteria over Daryl in the show’s first season, which aired in 2010. Like some kind of time paradox, both technically cannot co-exist, and AMC is showing an uncertain future where both characters do. The problem with Daryl surviving this long is his unbreakable will. In every situation he’s been in, he’s never given up. To have his motorcycle and crossbow stolen, he will never stop until he gets both items back, which could interfere with so much of what Dwight is supposed to do. And when (POSSIBLE SPOILER) Dwight joins Rick and stops Negan, how can Daryl just sit by and accept Dwight as an ally? Having both characters cross paths as a means to how Dwight gets his cross bow may be an excellent decision, but it’s one that hasn’t been pushed far enough. This upcoming season won’t be Daryl’s last, that’s almost certain. Seeing as some key figures are already missing, one being Andrea, Daryl could still fill the void that she left in the comics.

How much can Daryl endure is uncertain. Dwight is determined to break down his nemesis at any costs, even to the point of rubbing Glenn’s death in his face. Daryl hasn’t gone through anything like this, so he may either have to wait out a rescue, or eventually bow down to Negan. Knowing Daryl, however, he may just fake his loyalty to plan an escape. There are only two outcomes from today’s episode: one that’ll lead to Daryl’s loyalty to Negan, or to his death. Negan has already broken Rick’s spirit, with the preview showing Rick giving in to Negan’s will, so Daryl could soon possibly follow suit. And having a Daryl that will follow any command is something Negan has patience for.

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