Skyrim: Special Edition – 5 essential Xbox One mods


When the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim first released, I played it on Xbox 360. I’ve sunk hundreds of hours in to the game, but a remastered console version, with mod support no less, is definitely interesting to me.

The special edition of the game features massive graphical overhauls, volumetric god rays, new water tech, and many other tweaks. One of the biggest draws of the special edition, as someone who has already played the game extensively, is the possibility of mods on consoles – much like with Fallout 4.

While mods are freely available from the game’s main menu, there is a limit to the space available for mods on the PS4 and Xbox One.

So, while mods can be freely downloaded and deleted as many time as you like, which ones are worth keeping hold of? Which ones are good to start with? Which ones, if any, allow you to have a follower more suited to Skyrim’s cold climate than you? I got you covered.

Here’s a grouping of 5 mods that are well worth checking out. Before we get started however, it’s worth noting that there are differences to how mods work, depending on your console of choice. There are more mods available for Xbox One than there are on PS4, due to Sony not allowing mods that import or create new assets within the game. This includes meshes, textures and objects. So no train summons. There is also a limit to storage space available for mods, 5GB of space is available on Xbox One and 1GB is available on PS4. With that in mind, this list will be for the Xbox One, as it’s the platform I’m currently playing on.

So now, the mods.

Alternative Start – Live Another Life (Xbox One)


“Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen. You will be given the opportunity to choose your race and then choose a new life for your character to lead. A wide variety of choices will be available. What you choose will have a lasting impact, so choose carefully or the gods may forsake you again!”

This mod is great for people who’ve previously played the original version of the game, and allows you to play almost any kind of character you care to think of, without having to repeat the game’s opening and main quest line – but don’t worry. Travelling to Helgen starts the quest line.

The mod creator also urges you to have subtitles enabled this mod, as there are some lines of text that have no voiced dialogue within the mod.

You can download this mod here.

Cutting Room Floor – Xbox One


“From the depths of the ether, or just the cutting room floor, comes forth several NPCs, some quests, and other miscellaneous content which was created but never implemented in the game. If ever you had the feeling that Skyrim was missing something, you were probably right! This mod should relieve a bit of that. Villages that were supposed to exist have been brought back. Quests that were partially implemented have been completed. Various items have been restored that were still in the data files. NPCs have been brought back to the game and given homes where appropriate. Plus plenty of other random bits of stuff that was mentioned in the game but didn’t exist yet.”

This mod is great for accessing cut content, unfinished quests (that have been completed), and for just getting more Skyrim in your Skyrim.

You can download this mod here.

Open Cities Skyrim – Xbox One


“Open Cities Skyrim is a comprehensive project that aims to bring back at least part of the feel of Morrowind – specifically how most of the cities were a natural part of the world and you could just walk in without loading screens. The added immersion and realism goes a long way, probably a lot more than you might think. Ever wanted to ride your horse into the center of Riften? Well now you can. Need to get some help from the city guards to vanquish a foe? Run toward the gates and the guards will do their duty while you can seek safety within the walls. The town guards make for some very interesting interactions this way. This will also make running dragon battles that much more interesting since the flow of the battle won’t be interrupted by the loading screen and all of the city guards can be involved at the same time.”

This mod removes loading screens when entering or exiting a city, allowing you to take mounts inside with you as well. The mod does require you to wait 24 hours in game so that the cities can be correctly mapped, but it’s a great mod that adds to immersion, and reduces your time spinning character models while staring at a loading screen.

You can download this mod here.

Campfire Complete Camping System – Xbox One


“Create and buy camping equipment using items in the world around you. Build 4 different kinds of tents, create tanning racks, a portable enchanting kit, and more. Use found deadwood to build hatchets, arrows, and other useful creations. You can create over a dozen useful items on-the-spot no matter where you are in Skyrim.”

This mod lets you make fire and build tents, but it also adds two new skills for your character – Resourcefulness and Instincts.

Using Resourcefulness allows you to gather fire components from the world around you, and creating large campfires even grants a small XP bonus. Instincts works as a modified detect life spell, that allows you to see the sounds made by moving creatures, and allows you to smell the dead (including undead) from a distance.

You can download this mod here.

Frostfall: Hypothermia Camping Survival – Xbox One


“The three main components of Frostfall are hypothermia, cold water survival, and camping. Frostfall adds a deep, immersive level of gameplay to Skyrim, while keeping tedium to a minimum. An immersion mod should never get in the way of having fun. Frostfall tracks your location, weather, time of day, worn clothing, and more, to determine your current condition in a seamless way that feels easy to jump into and start playing. It is highly customizable, whether you’re looking for a lightweight immersion enhancement or a deeper challenge. Frostfall features contextual tutorials, 11 new spells, the Endurance skill, icy visual effects, shivering sound effects for the player character, controller force feedback, ability to disable Fast Travel, and much more.”

Using this mod requires the above mentioned Campfire mod. This changes the way Skyrim is played and is an interesting new way to play the game. It can interfere with some quests, so is maybe best kept for an alternative file or just some immersive survival play. Well worth checking out.

You can download this mod here.

BONUS MOD – Call of Trainwiz – Xbox One


“People have often asked me “Trainwiz, if you are a wizard, and a train wizard, what train spells do you know?” So, to show those people, I created this mod. It adds a shout that, when used, will create an effect similar to Alduin’s meteor shower spell. Except instead of meteors, they’re trains. It will rain trains. You have read this correctly, and you have been warned. I take no responsibility for any damages sustained while it’s raining [censored] trains.”

Imagine what this mod does from the image and description above. That’s pretty much it. Destructive, confusing, and funny. A great mod to have around.

You can download this mod here.

BONUS MOD 2 – Fluffin’s Followers: Winston the Penguin – Xbox One


“Adds a simple penguin follower, the first ever, to Skyrim.”

Not only an awesome little follower mod, but a bit of a tank as well. Winston boasts 1k hp of health, so he can be handy in a fight.

And that concludes the list. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to let us know how you get on with the mods and to suggest some more – either in the comments below, or you can contact us on Twitter @nerdreactor and @raykimaru.

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