Star Trek/Alien crossover comic to hit shelves next year

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Could you imagine if the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation was traveling through space and stumbled upon a planet full of xenomorphs? Imagine Captain Jean-Luc Picard trying to come up with a plan to deal with these vicious aliens or having to lead his crew into battle. This is now entirely possible as a TNG/Aliens crossover comic has been announced for next year.

The new crossover was announced at MCM London Comic Con at the Diamond Retailer event. IDW’s Dirk Wood and Dark Horse’s Matt Parkinson delivered the news about the new story which will be called “Acceptable Losses.” Regular Trek creative team JK Woodward and the Tipton brothers, the people behind Star Trek/Doctor Who, will be responsible for the new series.

You can read about the crew of the USS Enterprise and their likely meeting with the xenomorphs in April 2017.

Via: Bleedingcool

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