Men banned from cosplaying in female clothing at Tokyo Comic Con (update)

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Credit: Nerd Reactor

Update: Looks like it has been overturned, according to Ladybeard.

It’s not uncommon to see men cosplaying as a female character at a nerd convention. As for women dressing up as male characters, they are a dime a dozen. However, there’s a rule at an upcoming Japanese convention that’s banning men from “crossplaying.”

Tokyo Comic Con is coming this December, and it attracts many cosplayers and special guests. Seems like a fun event, yes? Well, it is banning men from cosplaying in a woman’s outfit.

A translation via Anime News Network has info “regarding cosplay outfits” saying that it’s “prohibited” for men to wear female clothing (男性による女装は禁止です). We have “jyosou” (女装) used to explain “wearing female clothing,” particularly meaning men wearing female clothing.

How about women cosplaying as male characters? It looks like it’s okay.

It’s a funny rule since Japan has been positive in terms of men dressing up as female characters; for example, the traditional kabuki shows have men portraying all the female characters. ANN states that it’s normal for otaku events to set a rule against men dressing up as women since the event organizers fear that a horde of male crossplayers will show up.

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