Michael Dougherty may be doing more than just writing for Godzilla 2


We’ve all known for some time that Gareth Edwards wouldn’t be returning to create the sequel to his 2014 kaiju flick since earlier this year. Although many speculate the reasons why the Rogue One director decided to step away from the project, many believe that it had to do with his wanting to get back to smaller projects. The film’s sequel is still slated to be made, and it seems that there are talks of someone, who is already on staff, to take the helm.

X-Men: Apocalypse writer Michael Dougherty is teaming with Zach Shields to pen the screenplay for the sequel, but it seems that Legendary Pictures may have bigger shoes for him to fill. Sources say that Dougherty may be in talks to actually helm the upcoming installment for the King of Monsters film, having him return to the director’s chair after his last comedic horror film, 2015’s Krampus. No deal has officially been made as of yet, and will depend on Legendary’s approval of the screenplay.

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Source: ScreenCrush

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