Digimon Adventure tri. movie 4 coming February 25, 2017


Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 4: Loss is set to release in Japanese theaters on February 25, 2017. Following the events of the previous movie, the Digidestined travel to the Digital World in hopes of finding their Digimon partners after the “Reset.”

The theatrical release poster shows Sora, Tai and Matt (Yamato) together. Could it be referencing the love triangle between the three that was always there but never dealt with? Hououmon (the Mega form of Birdarmon) also appears, battling Machindramon, who first appeared in the original Digimon Adventure series as one of the four Dark Masters.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, Crunchyroll will more than likely be releasing the Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 4: Loss with English subtitles via their service the same day it releases in Japan.

Another interesting note is the appearance of Tapirmon in the poster who appears just above Tai. Just what role will he play in the movie?


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