Ben Affleck reveals his son’s favorite superhero, and it’s not Batman

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As if Ben Affleck didn’t have enough critics, it looks like he can’t even turn to his son for support. You’d think little Affleck would consider Batman to be his #1 hero considering his father portrayed the caped crusader on the big screen, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In a recent red carpet interview for his new movie The Accountant, E! Live asked Affleck if he pushed his kids to wear Batman costumes for Halloween:

He laughed and responded with, “You know, I leave it wide open for them. My son told me that a friend of his asked him who his favorite superhero is, and he said that his favorite superhero is Flash, and his friend goes “But what about Batman?” and he says “Batman’s just my dad.” Apparently, his son is “kind of over it.”

Ouch. Hopefully, this doesn’t bother Affleck too much as he’ll be playing the Dark Knight in several upcoming films including another solo film titled The Batman. So, there’s still time to win over his son.


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