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Donald Trump has said some pretty shocking things over the course of this election. It’s actually baffling how much he’s said with little or no impact on his poll numbers. Undeniably, several of his comments are controversial and some might say racist or sexist. But, somehow, he’s pushed through unscathed…until now. Recently, a video surfaced that showed Trump deliver some incredibly offensive comments about women and his attitude toward them which is negatively affecting his campaign. Of course, Trump has been mocked by numerous sources and the creators of Family Guy decided to follow suit.

The show didn’t just make a passing joke about the video, but actually showed a large chunk of the actual footage. In the video, we hear, and then see, Trump talking with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush back in 2005 about actions toward women that are considered sexual assault and how his power and status make him believe he’s entitled to this behavior, comments he’s called ‘locker room talk’. Unfortunately for Trump and Bush, they were both mic’d up. In Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, we see this play out as many of us have seen before, except Peter Griffin is added into the mix, responding to much of the dialogue and adding a comedic twist to it that points out the absurdity of the comments.

This isn’t the first time creator Seth MacFarlane has inserted Peter into a real-life controversial video such as this. If you recall, following Christian Bale’s infamous tirade on the set of Terminator Salvation, Peter showed up again, responding to Bale’s rants in hilarious and unexpected ways as if he was with Bale on the set that day.

Check out the video from Sunday’s Family Guy to see what this election has led to:

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