Dou kyu sei ‘Classmates’ (Blu-ray review)


Doukyusei, also known as Classmates, is a film adaptation of the first “boys’ love” manga by author Asumiko Nakamura. It follows Licht Sajo and Hikaru Kusakabe, two male high school students on opposite paths with very different personalities in almost all aspects of life. They find themselves compelled to one another. This boys’ love story is one of pure romance between the two that highlights the elegance and compassion through the beginning of their friendship and their path to more.

The film begins with Kusakabe noticing classmate Sajo refusing to sing during practice for the school’s chorus festival. Kusakabe is bothered by this detail, and upon returning to class, finds Sajo practicing in secret. Even though this is their first time truly crossing paths, Kusakabe offers to help Sajo, which fosters the beginning of their friendship. Hikaru, who plays in a band, is frivolous and hasty with his emotions. The reserved honor student, Sajo, grows on him as they spend more and more time with one another. The film is divided among 4 segments, each focusing on various times in both the boys’ lives. Each chapter gives us a deeper look into their personalities and their relationship.



  • 60-minute film Dou Kyu Sei “Classmates” on Blu-ray
  • PV and CM collections
  • Illustration Cards
  • Deluxe Booklet
  • Package illustrated by Asumiko Nakamura (Author)
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Japanese audio w/English Subtitles

Final Reaction

The Deluxe Booklet and illustration cards are filled with gorgeous artwork and also includes a special manga. These in-the-box bonuses are great for fans of the manga and film, but the on-disc bonus features do leave a lot to be desired, comprising mostly of trailers and teasers for the film. The voice actors and soundtrack do an amazing job of communicating the sincerity of what it’s like to slowly fall in love. The film does have a slow build up at times and also had certain moments that could have been glossed over faster. These are few and far between though and never truly break the narrative or tone of the film, being overshadowed by more powerful moments that will linger in the minds of those captured by the tale.

Anybody who has experienced the sensation of longing for another that is deemed taboo by society will be able to reminisce and find enjoyment in this tale. The various stages of the characters’ relationships are animated beautifully, full of life and emotions that communicate the tone of the film. The film is very light-hearted but always carries a compassionate tone while the boys seek to find feelings of love and compassion for one another. If you are a fan of the Boys’ Love genre, then this is a must-see film that will remind fans of their first real love.


Final Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

*Dou kyu sei was reviewed using a Blu-ray copy of the film provided by Aniplex.

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