Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor adds new scares and monsters


The Queen Mary, rich with her own true tales from her history, is the perfect spot to have a horror theme park. Each maze has been based on an urban myth or exaggerated story from the Queen Mary’s history. Of course, it’s not completely true, but you just never know with a ship that’s almost 80 years old. Their horror attraction makes use of the ship and port for ghoulish attractions and some fun terror-filled mazes.

Not only is the makeup for the characters movie quality, the actors are seasoned and are just perfect in their portrayal of lost souls among a ship. It becomes believable and maybe just a bit too believable. Even to the point when you joke or hit on them (do not touch them), they will remain in character.

The Queen Mary has added several new attractions including new monster’s The Iron Master’s Intrepid maze, Panic 4-D experience, and the VooDoo Tasting Room. With a total of six mazes, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is great to go throughout the night. There are monsters lurking about trying to scare you – some even look normal until they come up to your face.

INTREPID is the Queen Mary’s newest attraction which uses the dome’s gates and metal parts as passages through the maze. The monsters are wearing metal and science-like gear and are constantly berating at you for trespassing. Valid. I mean, we are trespassing on their property. We are such rule breakers. We don’t see the main character – Iron Master, which was quite disappointing. The maze is well done, but it would had been nice to meet the main host for the event.

CIRCUS is always creepy, especially with the real-life clown sightings around the country. It’s extremely confusing because there are multiple doors and mirrors – lots of mirrors – to go through. It’s an extremely fun maze to go through and is constantly changing – because you can get lost and that’s scary.

DEADRISE is the Captain’s maze – where you can meet the main host of the entire Dark Harbor. Deadrise is great because there is actual acrobatics happening for great scares. These monsters are just hanging around everywhere and they are more unexpected than the other mazes.

LULLABY has creepy Mary… and there are TONS of her. Her makeup is pretty amazing, even face to face. So, having multiples of her throughout the maze chasing after you is creepy. I hate ghost/monster children. Let’s be honest, monster children are the creepiest.

SOULMATE has Graceful Gale and the beauty of this story/maze is that we see a glimpse of Graceful Gale when she was alive. She’s in the entrance chatting up young, potential suitors and has moments of creepiness. As we go through the maze, we begin to see what happens to these suitors and of course, Gale.

B340 has the creepy school nuns. Nuns are the worst – not in real life, but in every horror movie. B340 also consists of little kids and psych ward patients. Samuel the Savage lives in this maze, but unfortunately, I don’t remember much of him as much as the nuns.

The events surrounding Dark Harbor is pretty fun. The Sideshow room (which costs $5) shows some weird-looking characters and some scares. It’s mainly a prop room and great for photos. The Michael Jackson swings are available as well for $5. It provides you a view of the entire Dark Harbor.

Overall, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is worth it for the price. Starting at $24 for a Halloween scare, you’ll have access to all the mazes and fun surprises. If you don’t like waiting, you could buy a Fast Fright Pass, which would allow you to go in front of the time. It’s worth it.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is opened now until October 31st from 7pm to midnight (1 am on Fridays and Saturdays).

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