Guy Ritchie in talks to direct live-action Aladdin

SHH-10323 Director GUY RITCHIE on the set of Warner Bros. PicturesÕ and Village Roadshow PicturesÕ action-adventure mystery ÒSherlock Holmes,Ó distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Deadline has reported that Guy Ritchie is in talks to direct the live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin. Disney’s recent strategy of updating its animated classics for today’s audiences has so far struck gold time and again. The Jungle Book has grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide, while Cinderella and Maleficent have also proven to be box office hits.

So many mixed thoughts here. While Aladdin remains one of my favorite animated films from Disney’s Renaissance era,  and Guy Ritchie is one of my favorite directors of the past 15 years, a mashup of these two is risky. Ritchie has a certain hyperkinetic directorial aesthetic that plays well in action films like Snatch and Sherlock Holmes. And while Aladdin, though ostensibly an action/adventure movie, it is at its heart a love story with comedic sensibilities (thanks primarily to the late, great Robin Williams as Genie).

However, I will remain cautiously optimistic that Ritchie’s unique style and visual flair will only enhance this beloved classic and bring the story of a lowly street rat to a new generation of kids, and kids at heart.

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