NYCC: This Walking Dead clip may reveal Negan’s victim


The NYCC Walking Dead Panel was held at Madison Square Garden. During the Panel, there was a lot of talk about who might have been murdered by Negan in the season finale. The answers were always the same, “You’ll know soon enough.”

Not long after that, an exclusive trailer was shown to everyone present at the Walking Dead panel.

Check it out for yourself below:

A few things can be taken from this clip. For one, Negan continues to taunt Rick about the death of his teammate. We do not, however, get a name of whom Negan has killed. What we know is this…whoever it is, they were close to Rick, possibly even his, “Right-hand man,” as Negan mentions several times. Also, In the last few second of the clip, Negan grabs Rick’s weapon of choice for that night, a hatchet, which is in fact the same weapon Rick wields in the comics. Negan, with the hatchet in his belt, drags a weakened Rick into his trailer. From this we can be quite certain that Rick is about to lose his hand, another ode to the comic series.

But it is the end of the clip that had most fans sitting on the edge of their seats, as the camera pans down, showing a mess of brains and blood, unrecognizable at first glance. Maybe you can figure it out?

Spoilers from comics

Could the show be following the comics as they show a brutally murdered Glenn?

End spoilers from comics

Or could it be someone else close to Rick that succumbs to this gruesome demise, like Maggie or Abraham? Who do you think it might be? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay tuned as season 7 of the Walking Dead premieres on October 23rd of this year!

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