Wagnaria!!3 Vol. 2 Blu-ray review

By Xchel Nakamura

Yes! We revisit the famous, family-owned restaurant, “Wagnaria!.” In this part of Season 3, there have been a lot of crazy antics that have been circling around this goofy yet fun restaurant. From where we left off, there have been some hints at Jun Sato’s feelings towards Yachiyo Todoroki and the strange (but cute) relationship status of Sota Takanashi and Mahiru Inami. Also, a bit more background on Aoi Yamada and Takanashi’s family. We can get to those details later. The question still remains: What can and will happen when all of the pieces fall together and we start to see everyone open up and show who they really are?



Wagnaria!! (also known as Working!!) is series that fans have come to enjoy in the past two seasons. Set around a cast of unusual characters who work at the Wagnaria Family restaurant for different reasons, it’s how they interact and come together that have made this a series watch from start to end.

Two weeks have passed since we left this quirky restaurant at the conclusion of Wagnaria!!2. Aoi has run away from home and so many things have been happening; some of them are a bit of a surprise. For a while now, many of the characters have been showing their true feelings towards one another. One example is Sato and Mahiru. Throughout the series they both have been trying to get to know each other. Simple interactions like casually talking and in some instances Mahiru incorrectly pronouncing Sato’s name wrong. These little signs of affection did shed light on where they stood as far as their relationship throughout the series. We do get a bit of a background on Kyouko’s past. She had a bit of rough events in her life. During this time she met a young and impressionable Mahiru, despite her being a bit of an outcast. Mahiru looked up to her and the two have been sort of inseparable. Hence their relationship plays a great part in the blooming romantic relationship of Sato and Mahiru.

While this is happening, we get to see the Takahashi family interact with one another in a quirky and funny way. We get a bit of an explanation of Takahashi’s mother on who she actually really is and what she does for a living and it’s refreshing. Now, as the series goes on, we come to see more background of certain characters. Some of these characters include the older sister Kazue Takahashi and Toru Minegishi. We get a really great and comical story on how they met. Though under odd circumstances, we get to see the real story that leads up to the divorce mentioned in the last volume of the series. Meanwhile, outside the restaurant, a whole other relationship is in fruition. For a while now Sota and Inami have been through some struggles in this relationship. From Inami slowly getting over her fear of men, to the conflicting feeling that Sota has with Inami. One has to wonder how will they confess their feelings to each other?

In this season, this could be revealed and show their true intentions. The story is still consistent and we get the proper closure of all that has been happening throughout this series.

Content: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

Audio and Video

For some of us who love hearing the clarity of anime in general, this is not disappointing at all. This series usually does not disappoint when it comes to the animation. That being said, there were a few flaws that just didn’t seem to be too appealing. For one, there were some scenes where too many dark colors were used (especially in small rooms like the one that Yachiyo was in). It was hard to make out what the room had and where she was hiding. I have to admit, though, it did give it some mystery and had an eerie feel to it. Besides that, the whole series has kept its consistency of having a great combination of colors as well as scene placements. Colors aren’t too bright in the majority of the scenes. It still looks clean, vibrant and easy on the eyes.

The audio aspect of this is anime still very clear and really crisp to hear. From the silly sounds of Aoi breaking dishes to the yelling when Inami punched a male character. All the sounds were still consistent with each scene. Even with the volume down at 50%, you can still hear with clarity and get to experience the audio at its finest. For some of us who love hearing the clarity of anime in general, this is not disappointing at all.

Audio & Video: 4/5 atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Packaging and Extras

WAGNARIA!!3 Blu-Ray set Vol.2 includes the following:

*Language: Japanese
*Subtitle: English
*Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
*8-13 plus a special conclusion episode called “Lord of  the Takanashi” (1 hour episode)
*Discs: 2 Blu-Ray Discs
*Run Time: 190 min.
*Collectible Illustration Postcards
*Package Illustration by Shingo Adachi (Character Designer)
*Clear BD Cases with 2-sided Wraps

Along with these great features, we get a very special conclusion episode from the series. It’s called ”Lord of the Takanashi.” The take on this is that Takanashi’s mother has sort of kidnapped her son and wants to see how far Inami will go to “save” him. She goes through a series of trials with each different sister. Once she is done with all the trials, she finds Sota in a woman’s outfit and everyone has the same reaction as they look at Inami in a boy’s waiter outfit. The rest explains itself.

Extras: 4 /5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B


Final Reaction

While the slice-of-life genre has been overdone in most anime, Wagnaria has still lived up to its unpredictable story and makes up a different genre. This anime has a really wacky, quirky and carefree cast of characters. From the ditzy and adorable Aoi Yamada to the energetic and cute Popura Taneshima, this anime is still great to watch, especially this volume. Whether you are a fan already or it’s your first time watching it, this is still one anime that is not only worth watching, but worth owning.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Available on AniplexUSA.com for $69.98

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