Jon Favreau to appear on Spider-Man: Homecoming!

Jon Favreau had a huge impact on the birth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only did he direct the very firstĀ Iron Man, he also starred as Tony’s right-hand man,

Paul Verhoeven’s new movie, Elle, features a character in charge of a video game company

Paul Verhoeven, the director of RoboCop and Basic Instinct, is helming a new movie called Elle, based on a novel by Phillipe Djian. A new U.S. trailer has debuted that

HBO’s Westworld key art shows inside the artificial body

HBO is getting ready to premiere its sci-fi/Western series based on the ’70s movie by Michael Crichton, Westworld. It has released a new key art featuring an incomplete body of

Shin Godzilla coming to US in October

Shin Godzilla will make its way overseas after conquering the Japanese box office. It has set its eyes on the US and should make landfall in October. The visit will