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The portable battery pack sales have been on an upswing lately thanks to the Pokemon GO app. People have been buying an external battery pack due to the game draining the battery faster than a thirsty person drinking water. With that said, ZeroLemon introduces one of the biggest battery packs out there, the ToughJuice 30,000mAh.


Very simple and straight-to-the-point design with a clear plastic box showcasing the item. Inside the box are the ToughJuice battery pack (of course), ZeroLemon 180 day warranty card, and Micro USB charger. This is the new version which has a Quick Charge and USB Type-C ports. The previous version was lacking USB Type-C and Quick Charge port. The ToughJuice battery pack has six USB ports (one for charging the ToughJuice and five for charging items), a double layer protection with rubber casing, and power button for on both sides. On the power button, it has four LED lights to give you the percentage of power left. This is not something you place in your back pocket and carry. Instead you carry it in your backpack since it is quite large and heavy (around 1.5 pounds) for a portable battery.



The ToughJuice arrived with 75% to full power. So I charged it overnight and got it to 100%. I was able to plug in three PS4 controllers and an Xbox One controller to keep them charged. I was able to keep this setup for just over a week before the battery died. And that is using it every day for three to four hours a day. So this battery pack is not just good for smartphones but really for anything that has a USB plug.

Now there is one downside that I did see, and that’s time it takes to fully recharge after draining the battery pack down to zero. It literally took all day to charge the battery pack. Not 8 hours, not 10 hours, but 13 hours going by my account. It is not too bad of a downside since it does have massive power.

I also took this to a convention in which I had three items continuously plugged in the whole day and it only took it down to two LED lights left. It was pretty amazing, especially since two of the three items were a speaker and phone that was used to play music. I had enough power to charge other people’s phones if they needed it.


Final Reaction

This is for anyone that carries a lot of gadgets that need to be charged by days end or earlier. Now one thing I have not tried is taking it on an airplane, so I do not know if it is FAA/TSA approved (I would think so) but you never know. So if you know anyone that is in need of a beast of a battery charger then look no further than ZeroLemon’s ToughJuice. It is almost that time of the year again where gifts are going to be exchanged, so you can give this as an early Christmas gift or birthday present if they have a late birthday.

You can purchase it here.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-




ToughJuice was reviewed using a retail unit provided by ZeroLemon.

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