Respawn aims to set bar high with Titanfall 2’s single player campaign


Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Recently, the nice people at Respawn invited us out to their offices in Chatsworth, California, to take a look at what they have been working on in Titanfall 2. During our stay we were able to get some ample hands-on time with Titanfall 2’s multiplayer as well as the new single player campaign. Being that this would be the first story mode in the Titanfall franchise, we were eager to see what they had in store.

You play as a Titan pilot in training who is thrown into the hectic war between the colonists and the IMC, an evil corporation that wants to drain planets dry of resources regardless if it puts millions of the lives that live there in danger. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you find yourself becoming the pilot of the highly advanced Titan, BT-7274. BT is one of a kind and is the first colony-built Titan. He has a built-in thinking computer that makes him especially unique compared to other Titans. Together with BT, you will work together and your bond between Titan and Pilot will grow as you push back the IMC and save the Colonies.

During our playthrough we got to see many of the different environments that the game has to offer. Settings range from lush beautiful jungles to grey and dark battlefields. There is definitely plenty of variety when it comes to locations in Titanfall 2. There was one instance where we and a group of other colonists in Titans began an all-out assault on an enemy base. As we rushed towards the base, enemies would defend the high wall and out marched their Titan armada. It was like nothing I have ever seen in a video game. This is a new level of Titan-on-Titan action. The level of mayhem and destruction is on pair with some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster. It was truly a sight to be seen, and I was told it was just one of the many all-out battles that will appear in the game.


Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

One key element we also got to test out were the Boss Battles. The Boss Stages feature a specific Titan that is paired with a unique pilot that complements that Titan’s style. We faced off against a Ronin Titan, and during the battle, the Titan was quick to rush me and engage in close-quarters combat. (This is the specialty of the Ronin model.) While it may not be the biggest Titan with the largest gun, it makes up for it in speed and deadly melee attacks. This is a Titan that you will want to put some distance between you and it.

By the end of our tour at Respawn, we were treated to an exclusive look at another part of the single player that I can’t even legally mention here. What they showed us was something that I completely did not expect from a Titanfall game, especially it being the studio’s first single player campaign. While I can’t say much about what was shown, I can say that there have been many games that have tried to use this element, but none have come remotely close to how effortless the team at Respawn made it look. I wish I could say what it is. Just know it is in the sci-fi realm and when you experience it, you will think back to all the other games that have tried to do something like this and just how they pale in comparison to Titanfall 2.

I am really looking forward to this game and I can’t wait for the full release. Titanfall 2 easily has the potential to be “Game of the Year” and will likely be “Best First-Person Shooter of 2016.”

Titanfall 2 will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 28th.

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