Would you like to see Shia Labeouf as the Red Hood?


We have all heard the rumors that the Red Hood arc is going to be the feature storyline in the upcoming DC Extended Universe Batman film starring Ben Affleck and potentially directed by the same guys who did John Wick. Now why would you need directors of martial arts film featuring lots of guns? Cough, Red Hood. And with this, fans have started a petition to get Shia Labeouf to play the infamous and comic-loved anti-hero, the Red Hood.

If you have seen some of his recent films, even Fury, you can see that Shia really engulfs himself in each role he plays. His craziness would also be perfect for the role of the Red Hood, who often struggles with his own morals.

Some people still won’t be happy with the thought of the Even Stevens and Transformers star playing the Red Hood, but most people thought Affleck would be bad.

Did I sign the petition? Of course I did.

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