The Walking Dead: Meet King Ezekiel


In the new trailer for the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, we are introduced to King Ezekiel, a man with his own group of survivors aka The Kingdom.

Last season, Morgan and Carol ran into some men in sports gear who he helped find their horse. Well, those men happen to be Ezekiel’s men and they play a huge part in this season. In the comics, Ezekiel and his men team up with Rick and his group to fight Negan.

In the same trailer, we also get to see Tara back to her old fighting self and Jesus being a ninja with his fighting skills. Of course, we don’t see any of the gang who are in the Negan-Lucy circle, but it’s good to know Morgan and Carol are with the good guys.

Check it out below:

The Walking Dead returns October 23rd on AMC.

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