New Nioh gameplay trailer revealed


Koei Tecmo Games has shown a new trailer for its upcoming PlayStation-exclusive action title, Nioh, at TGS 2016.

The game draws comparisons to From Software’s Dark Souls series so far, as players battle undead and demonic horrors in this melee-focused third-person adventure.

Although the game is being compared to the Dark Souls series, there are some interesting and unique ideas in the game aside from the feudal Japanese setting. Combat in the game allows you to switch between ‘low’, ‘medium’ and ‘high’ stances with your weapons on the fly – meaning that you can adjust your attack speed and strength, as well as your defensive capabilities to fit with your combat needs.

Weapons in the game also include katana, spears, and axes for melee combat, with bows and tanagashima rifles filling the role of ranged weapons.

You can check out the trailer below for yourself. Nioh is set for a February 9, 2017, release.

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