Doom finally gets deathmatch


In a move to correct the dubious decision of not having it originally included in the reboot of the game that MADE it popular in the first place, id Software is adding Deathmatch as a new game mode for Dooms less-than-perfect multiplayer. The mode will be part of Free Update 3 which launches on the 13th of September at 11 AM PST.

The update will also be adding the ability to create Private Matches which allow the host to modify the options and settings of the map and gameplay features like time, score limits, and toggles on “power” weapons and Demon Runes amongst other things. Also hinted is the addition of an unknown “Arcade Mode”.

Frankly, had all these things been present at the launch and gameplay more finely tuned to arena style of play, Doom’s multiplayer would have been as memorable as the single player mode rather than as Imortan Joe would say: “Mediocre!”

Ah well…..have a look at the trailer.

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