Singer says Mister Sinister to appear in Wolverine 3

Image credit: Marvel

Image credit: Marvel

If you’ve seen the post-credits scene for X-Men: Apocalypse, you’ll notice a mysterious figure searching for something at the Weapon X building where Wolverine made his escape. Among the many dead bodies caused by Logan, the figure finds his vial of blood marked Weapon X and puts it inside a briefcase with a ESSEX CORP label. Huge X-Men fans should recognize the name since it refers to Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, an evil scientist and one of the deadliest X-Men villains.

The Digital HD version of X-Men: Apocalypse has been released, and with it an audio commentary featuring writer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer. According to Singer in the commentary, the post-credits scene teasing Mister Sinister was to get fans ready for Wolverine 3.

Fans who recognized the Easter egg knew to expect Mister Sinister in an upcoming X-Men film, and with Singer confirming it, more fans can get excited.

In the comics, Apocalypse was the one who transformed Dr. Nathaniel Essex into Mister Sinister. Even though we didn’t get to see their interactions in the movie, it’s kind of fitting to have Essex be teased at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. Will Sinister have his origin revolve around Apocalypse? Will he get his powers elsewhere? We’ll just have to wait and see when Wolverine 3 comes out.

Here’s a little backstory for Mister Sinister. He’s a scientist obsessed with the evolution of the human race, even of it meant doing immoral things. He lost his son due to birth defects and have experimented on people and mutants.

Apocalypse was very one dimensional in X-Men: Apocalypse, so I hope Singer plays up the family aspect of Mister Sinister in Wolverine 3.

So who will be playing the obsessed scientist? Some are thinking it’s going to be Richard E. Grant, who was cast in April and described as a “mad scientist.”

Wolverine 3 slashes into theaters on March 3, 2017.

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