Making memories at Dragon Con 2016


By Kaung Set & Stephanie Monica

The 30th anniversary of Dragon Con was the biggest and funnest one yet! Over 77,000 attendees came to celebrate and make all kinds of memories.

Headlining guests for 2016 included Gillian Anderson, William Shatner, Jack Gleeson, Charlie Cox, and Alan Tudyk. Tudyk and fellow Firefly co-star Adam Baldwin appeared on a panel Friday to take questions from fans. As an unexpected treat, they handed out signed memorabilia to every fan that asked a question. Items ranged from props used in his recent web series Con Man to unique gifts he has received over the years at conventions. He also took part in a large fan event at night to promote the mobile game for Con Man, mingling with fans and posing for pictures.


Charlie Cox was also a favorite among fans, and for good reason. I’ve come across many a guests at conventions, and this man is one of the most sincere and humble individuals I’ve ever met. Despite one of the longest lines, he made sure to greet every fan with a smile and take a moment to strike up a conversation.


Daredevil himself wasn’t the only hero in attendance. Dragon Con prides itself on its community outreach and fundraising efforts. The attendees don’t just dress as heroes, but they are heroes! Dan Carroll, the Director of Media Relations, highlighted some of the ways that the con gives back to the community. Mr. Carroll stated that, “Dragon Con has a charity arm, and that it is very successful.” In fact, the 2016 event raised $98,000 for official charity this year, the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency.


In addition, the convention also hosted the Robert A. Heinlein “Pay It Forward” Blood Drive all weekend long. Partnering with Life South, which supplies over 100 hospitals in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, over 3,000 donors gave an estimated 6,000 units of blood and blood products. Each donor received an exclusive con shirt. What could be better than getting exclusive swag that you can only get by helping others?!

He also added that DragonC on is “a family that’s open to new members.” So if you want to join the family, or just come back for your 10th reunion, memberships for 2017 are already on sale at the DragonCon Store ( It will be the lowest price you’ll see all year, so take advantage and buy one now. We’ll see you there next year!

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