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Back at Anime Expo 2016, Aniplex of America revealed that it would be holding a special two-day event known as AkibaFest. The goal of AkibaFest is to bring the spirit of Japan’s popular Akihabara to the West for fans to enjoy. While Aniplex of America didn’t give full details, it launched the website over the weekend with plenty of information from currently announced guests, exhibitors, and movie screenings from not only Aniplex but also Funimation and even Square Enix.

AkibaFest will be held from October 15-16th in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo area, with one-day and two-day tickets on sale now. One day tickets are available for $15, with two-day tickets at $25, which will cost $5 more if gotten at the event.

There is a lot to look forward to including shopping, cosplay events, maid cafe and even companies such as Funimation, Sentai Film Works, Atlus, Bandai Banco Entertainment, XSEED attending as well, along with special guests to look forward to which include the following:

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Fans will also be able to enjoy various films which will be screened at both the Aratani Theater and the Downtown Independent which include the world premiere of  Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, The Garden of Sinners –Chapter 1: Thanatos, One Piece Film Z, Blue Exorcist: The Movie, The Anthem of the Heart, Mobile Suit Gundam -The Origin- I, II & III, and Anohana: The Movie.

You can get more information on AkibaFest here.

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