New discovery opens theory to a parallel universe

Credit: DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics fans, hold on to your seat, because the Multiverse may actually exist!

According to Tech Times, scientists have just announced that there may be some legitimate proof of the existence of another possible universe that is leaking into our own. Scientists have been using the Planck Telescope to map the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) for some time now. The CMB is the leftover radiation from long ago when the universe first began. Ranga-Ram Chary, a cosmologist from Caltech, has been comparing the CMB map with recent shots of the night sky. By using the Planck Telescope, she discovered a strange patch of bright radiation that glowed 4,500 time brighter than it should.

Credit: NASA

Credit: NASA

Chary posted his results, which can be found in the Cornell University Library. His findings open up the theory of another universe. This immense patch of CMB radiation is something we haven’t seen before, and, in fact, is a good indication of the development of a newer universe. Obviously, our universe is quite old, however should there be another universe -parallel with our own and possibly leaking through somewhere- it would explain the patch of bright radiation almost perfectly. If a parallel universe were to exist, it would likely be only a few hundred-thousand years old, or could be a universe with an abundance of positively/negatively charged particles (a few hundred-thousand years old seems old to us, but in universe-years, that’s possibly an infancy stage) .

While this theory makes a lot of sense, and fits very well with this discovery, no definite explanation has been agreed upon at this time. Could there really be another universe similar to our own pushing its way through? Post your thoughts in a comment below!

Source: Tech Times

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