Kaos and Dr. Neo Cortex are unleashed in Skylanders Imaginators, new level also announced


For five years now, Activision’s Skylanders franchise has brought new and creative ways to bring friends and families together to play. Skylanders Imaginators actually does something different and new for the toys-to-life series, by letting players use their imagination to create their own custom Skylander from scratch. Along with using your imagination, you also get to evolve your Skylander as you play, helping you collect more items.

While we first learned more about the series just before E3, Activision had another special surprise in store, as it announced that Crash Bandicoot will be a new addition to the franchise this year! But that wasn’t the only trick up their sleeve…

Just before Gamescom, we had a chance to visit Activision, and get some hands-on time with some of the new content. One of the biggest surprises was the addition of a bonus stage from Crash Bandicoot that will be playable in Skylanders Imaginators, just as Crash Bandicoot celebrates its 20th anniversary. That’s right, players will be able to explore the Wumpa Islands in a brand new story which features the returning voice actors of the series reprising their roles, including the nefarious Doctor Neo Cortex, who will also be a playable character, with his very own Skylander figure. Everything that longtime fans have enjoyed about the Crash Bandicoot series is there, including the famous boulder run sequence!

Skylanders Imaginators_Kaos 1

There was one more surprise revealed. Pre-ordering the game will also reward you with an extra bonus: your very own Kaos Skylander figure. Yes, the very evil menace who is responsible for almost everything will be a playable Sensei!

Learn more about what’s coming to Skylanders as we chat with Chris Wilson, a Senior Producer at Activision:


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