Bandai reveals Legacy Power Sword at Power Morphicon 2016


Bandai had some huge announcements at this year’s Power Morphicon, the moment you entered inside you were introduced to a line of collectible figures that caught the eyes of both fans of the newer Power Ranger series, as well as the old.

One of Bandai’s biggest announcements for Power Morphicon was the 1:1 scale Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Power Sword, the latest addition to the Legacy line following the release of the Blade Blaster earlier this year. It was a sight to behold, it was still early in development but for fans of the original series, it’s definitely a nice piece, especially if Bandai plans on releasing the other Ranger weapons down the line with the ability to create the Power Blaster.

Of course thanks to Bandai’s Greg Mitchell, we learned the Legacy Power Sword is still in development and won’t be out until late next year, with the one on display being an early prototype. You can watch the interview with Gregg below as we not only talk about the Power Sword but also the recently released Power Rangers Legacy figures, which includes the possibility of more weapons including those for the Zords being released in the future.

Here is a look at some of the upcoming Legacy figures as well as the Power Rangers movie figures.

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