Team Ikari brings the pain in new King of Fighters XIV trailer


With The King of Fighters XIV just under three weeks away from release, SNK and Atlus USA have posted a new team trailer focusing on Team Ikari featuring Clark Still, Ralph Jones and Leona.

The three veteran fighters return to take down all who stand in their way. Ralph lets his fists do all his talking as he unleashes a barrage of attacks including his new Climax Special, Leona who seems to have been able to tap into her Orochi blood looks like she plays exactly as she did in KoF XIII. Clark seems to have been given the biggest upgrade with the ability to chain his command grabs especially in MAX Mode.

It’s also amusing to note that Clark’s Climax special looks like it came straight out of Kevin Mask’s Big Ben Drop from Kinnikuman/Ultimate Muscle, and much better than his Neo MAX special in KoF XIII.

King of Fighters XIV will be available on August 23rd, only on the PlayStation 4.

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