Pokemon Sun and Moon gets wearable accessory


With Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon just months from its release, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have already made two announcements in two days. Yesterday with the new types of Pokemon being introduced in Alola and now an accessory has been added to the mix. Takara Tomy of Japan will be releasing a bracelet, Z-Ring, with interchangeable crystals, Z-Crystals.

Each Pokemon will have a different type of Z-Crystal it will resonate with. If you have the right crystal as the Pokemon, you can have it perform a Z-Move, which will release its full potential during the battle. This move can only be done once per battle, so make sure you use it wisely. No word if you have to strike a pose the same as the trainer in the game. It won’t hurt you if you try, right?


The Japanese site is showing a price listing of the bracelet and a bundled price with crystals. The Z-Ring with one Z-Crystal is around $25, Z-Ring with 6 crystals around $44, additional crystals are 3 for around $6. So far it shows only 12 of the 18 possible Z-Crystals available for purchase.

They will all be released in Japan on November 18th same day as the game. No word yet about a North American release date or price, but I believe it will be the same day as the game release and similar pricing, as well.

Source: Pokemon Sun Moon (US) Takara Tomy (JP)

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