New Chun-Li outfits in development for Street Fighter V

Less than a week after the conclusion of Evolution 2016, Capcom returned to San Diego Comic-Con in full force featuring a booth filled with exclusives and items from the Capcom store and playable stations featuring Street Fighter V, Monster Hunter Generations, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, and the Resident Evil 7 experience. Capcom also held special signings at their booth and held three different panels including one dedicated to everything Street Fighter.

The “Street Fighter Nation” panel began by taking a look at the different partners the company currently has. It showed off a variety of collectible items that are currently available or will be available in the near future.

Everything from apparel to skate decks, as well as various collectibles, were shown including a line or Street Fighter V gaming glasses from Tokyo Otaku Mode. The two items that had everyone’s attention were the 1/4 scale levitating M. Bison statue from Kinetiquettes and the Special Pink Chun-Li statue from Pop Culture Shock Toys which will be available next year in May.

Afterwards, it was time for some new Street Fighter V news.


There wasn’t anything huge in term of news. There was a short talk about the Street Fighter V CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) Premier Package which was originally revealed and released at EVO which added a new stage and costumes for various characters and will help increase the prize pool for the Capcom Pro Tour which will be held later this year.

The Summer Costumes for Chun-Li, R. Mika, Laura, Cammy, and Ibuki were shown which are all currently available to purchase, and a few images of upcoming costumes for Ibuki and Alex from Street Fighter 3 were also shown which have yet to receive a release date. A new stage was also shown, Street Fighter fans might remember the Thailand stage which was the location of the final battle against M. Bison in Street Fighter 2, while concept art was shown it also has no set release date currently.


To end the panel, we also received one more surprise. Capcom revealed that Chun-Li will be receiving a few special alternate costumes in the future which will be designed by Akiman. Akiman has worked on various Capcom titles in the past and is credited as the creator of Chun-Li, so it’s pretty cool that we will get to see various outfits which include that stunning outfit we see in front, as well as a few others ones in the background.

With Juri now available, and Urien set to release later this month, it’s only a matter of time before we hear from Capcom about more downloadable fighters coming to the series, as well as new content.

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