What we can expect from Samung’s Unpacked Event


Samsung’s Note 7 Unpacked event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2nd. With the event only a day away, the rumor mill has been filtered down to the more likely expectations. Here are what we can probably expect this week from Samsung.

USB-C Charger

Samsung passed on updating the charger to the reversible USB-C port for the Galaxy S7, but rumors indicate that they will be including the new port with the Note 7. The phone is also expected to come with a micro-USB adapter so all of the cords you have collected over the years will still work.

New Gear VR

Since the Note 7 is expected to ship with a USB-C charger port, it is likely that we will see a new Gear VR released as well. The new VR is expected to up the viewing angle from 96 degrees on the current version, to 110, giving the user a larger viewing area. The new model is also expected to be compatible with previous Galaxy devices as well.

Stylus Upgrade

The stylus is the big difference when it comes to the Note and other phones in the same category. With the Note 7, reports suggest that we could be seeing an upgrade to the stylus that includes the added functionality of a translation tool and a magnifying glass.

Water Resistant

With the Galaxy s7 models, Samsung brought back the water Resistant feature from the S5 model and perfected it. The Note 7 is expected to be IP68 water resistant allowing the Note to work perfectly in about 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Rumors also suggest that this will include stylus functionality, meaning you can take notes underwater.

Curved Screen

While at first viewed as a bit gimmicky, the curved screens of Samsung’s Edge models have proven to have their value. It is expected that the Note 7 may have a “barely curved” screen that will be similar to the Edge, though not as dramatic. This eludes to smaller side nozzles and more screen space.

Rumors or not, we will finally find out what Samsung has planned for their new flagship on Tuesday. Are you excited for the new Note? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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