Quake: Champions dishes on character abilities

quake champions

For the first time since its reveal back in June at E3, id Software has released new info on Quake Champions. This one specifically shows and explains the special abilities of the four characters seen in the original trailer. Let’s take a look.

As seen, Quake Champions is looking to let the champions be to tailored to different styles of play.

Ranger, the protagonist of Quake 1, has the ability to use what is known as a Dire Orb which allows him to teleport to its location and flank opponents or telefrag them if he aims it right.

Visor, from Quake III Arena, has the ability to see through objects with his faceplate.

Nyx is better suited for quick movement as emphasized by her ability to phase in and out of locations.

Scalebeard is a large tank of a champion who has the ability to bullrush and ram opponents for high damage.

Quake Champions has no released date yet but is confirmed as a PC-only title.

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