Fallout 1.5: Resurrection: Isometric once more

fallout resurrection

Fallout has come a long way ever since it was dreamed up by Brian Fargo as a spiritual successor to Wasteland (due to E.A. refusing to sell the rights). From the top down isometric look and turn-based RPG of Fallout 1 &to the jump to FPS RPG of Fallout 3 and onward, the series has grown and changed over the years. For some, even though they enjoy the new style of Fallout, they still miss that old-school isometric RPG feel. Now, thanks to the more-than-a-decade-long efforts of a team of Czech modders working on their spare time, you’ll be able to scratch that itch with Fallout 1.5: Resurrection.

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection takes place between the events of Fallout 12 in New Mexico circa 2170. The story is described by the mods website thusly:

“Darkness. Darkness never changes. In it, our most important sense becomes worthless. The other senses become more sensitive and the imagination grows. Those sounds around you which would normally go unnoticed become frightening. At any moment, a sudden attack could come hurtling out of the unknown.

You wake up, and slowly open your sticky eyes, only to see – darkness. You try moving your limbs and sitting up, but with every move comes unbearable pain. You’d rather remain lying for a while. Gradually, you become aware of your surroundings. Cold, damp air caresses your face, and you hear the squeaky echoing of rats. You lie on the dirty, cold ground, not knowing where or even who you are. You try to recall your memories… and you fail. It’s as if there was a mental barrier in your head, and the further into the past you look, the stronger it becomes. Why can’t you remember anything?

You try to sit up again and, this time, you succeed. With your right hand, you find a small metal box and instinctively press it in one place. The twinkling light of this lighter illuminates your immediate surroundings. Only now do you realize that you’re in a cave.That explains the echo. Your sight focuses on a trail leading to you from the darkness. Judging by the bloodstains and pieces of ripped clothing, someone – or something – must have dragged you here. The bones of various animals, perhaps even humans, lying around you suggest that it was a big animal. That realization doesn’t make you any more calm. You quickly search for everything you have with you. A pistol, a knife, some ammo, a Pip-Boy, a stimpak… Yes, that’s what you need! Without thinking, you grab the stimpak and inject its entire contents into your bloodstream. After a motionless instant, you’re left wondering how you remember the name and function of these objects, but not who you are. What has happened to you?

It doesn’t take long before your body is feeling in much better shape. You can finally move without feeling the irritating pain. You look at the shiny reflection of the lighter and, dazed, you stare at your face. It looks like the face of a stranger. Is it really you? A large black spot above your forehead disturbs your thoughts. You touch it lightly and a sudden pain flows through your head, as if someone had smashed your skull in that very spot.Could this be the reason you don’t remember anything? You realize that you can retrieve some information from your Pip-Boy. You press the power button, but nothing happens. You flip it over and remove its protective cover. In the dim light, you try to figure out what could be wrong. Aha! The memory module is damaged. You must activate the backup, but it’s empty. You won’t find any answers here, either.

Disappointed, you collect your things and get ready to leave. Suddenly, you see a small, shiny object lying in the place where you regained consciousness. Carefully, you lift the object and take a closer look. It’s a talisman hanging on a piece of string, allowing it to be worn around the neck. You feel that it’s very meaningful… but what, exactly, is the meaning? You slide your finger over its smooth surface, trying to remember anything… Yes! Your name! You can remember your name. At least something from your past has been uncovered. You put the talisman around your neck and follow the trail out of the cave. Now to find out more about your past. Something tells you that it won’t be so easy…”

Even though Fallout 1.5 is a mod for Fallout 2, it is atmospherically closer to Fallout 1, lacking the irreverent, pop culture reference-filled and darkly comedic feel of the second game. You’ll be encountering new weapons, characters, organizations, and locations in your time in the Land of Enchantment, and you’ll find yourself fighting to discover your identity and to stay alive, because War……well, you know…

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