Destiny: Rise of Iron Pre-Order Bonus includes Iron Gjallarwing


As we get close and close to September 20th, Bungie is releasing bits and pieces of new information regarding Destiny: Rise of Iron. One of the first pre-order bonuses has been revealed, and it’s the Iron Gjallarhorn, the most sought after exotic rocket launcher being brought back in two forms in Rise of Iron. With Bungie’s newest Twitch feed, The Cosmodrome Winter Tour, the team has revealed another pre-order bonus being the new Sparrow skin Iron Gjallarwing.

The Iron Gjallarwing is a beautifully designed Sparrow that will come alongside the Iron Gjallarhorn when you pre-order Rise of Iron. Bungie also revealed a different version that will be available to users who didn’t pre-order, as is the case with the updated Gjallarhorn. The Iron Gjallarwing was revealed before Bungie’s Cosmodrome Winter Tour that showed us the updated Cosmodrome and how the Fallen and SIVA are affecting the landscape.

You can watch the full stream here.

Destiny: Rise of Iron calls for you on September 20, 2016, for PS4 and Xbox One.

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