American Horror Story spooks people with Fearless VR experience

AHS / Fearless

Although we still have no clue about the new American Horror Story theme (I feel like I say this way too often), they had some cool stuff to get us all hyped up at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend! Judging by everyone’s reaction, it seemed to take home the trophy and was considered one of the best VR experiences/best thing anyone has done at the convention. Let’s take a look at the preview!

How cool does that look?

Everyone else seems to think so!

Fearless was a great way to keep us all hanging on a string until the release of the theme. At this point, however, I feel like they’re going to keep it to themselves and just air the first episode, revealing what it is!

Good or bad idea – what’s the verdict?

Make sure to watch the first episode when it airs on September 14th.

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