Return to Gotham in the new trailer for Batman: A Telltale Series


In a matter of weeks, we’ll finally get to play as not only Batman, but Bruce Wayne in BATMAN – A Telltale Series. The first trailer of the game released this morning and it looks like the main antagonist could be the Falcone crime family. We wouldn’t be surprised however if we had some guest appearances from more colorful Batman villains.

Alfred Pennyworth is of course present and he serves as a voice of reason to Bruce, even when Bruce has trouble listening. This game aims to tap in to the psyche of Bruce Wayne while also being a kickass Batman title, although expect combat to come in the form of quick-time events (it is a Telltale game after all).

Harvey Dent also makes an appearance, but it is unknown if he will turn into Two-Face later on. His goal is to put the Falcone crime family behind bars for good, and he accused Bruce of aiding them. Seen also in the trailer are the likes of James Gordon, Vicki Vale, and Catwoman.

The first episode “Realm of Shadows” will be released on August 2 for mobile, PC, along with current and last-gen consoles.



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