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What happens when an evil pirate steals all the wildlife and turns them into robots? You break them free! But you only have 10 seconds to do so. 10 Second Ninja X by Four Core Interactive throws you into 100 levels of challenges each one more difficult than the one before it. A true ninja can master each one, but only the best can do it the fastest. Can you free all the wildlife from evil in only 10 seconds?

Greatbeard is on the loose and he’s out to prove to everyone that you are not the fastest ninja out there. In the process of kidnapping the forest animals, he turns them into mindless robots and it’s up to you to release them. In Greatbeard’s quest to challenge your speed, he has challenged you to 100 stages where you must think fast into clearly the stage. Along the way you come across several characters that don’t really follow Greatbeard and instead offer you assistance. But it’ll take all your wits to beat each stage in under 10 seconds.


10 Second Ninja X looks really simple and plays simple enough. Controls are very minimal. You only need to jump, attack, and throw a ninja star. Utilizing each one with quick reflexes will determine your speed. The robots are scattered across the map so planning before attempting helps. The timer won’t start until you make a move, so plan accordingly. As you progress in each stage, the levels get more challenging with not only the robot placement, but with obstacles that act as puzzles to solve. Switches, electric fences, robots with shields, it’s all thrown into the mix making it harder and harder to achieve the 10-second goal.

It’s frustrating as it is fun as you challenge yourself to claim the fastest spot. As long as you destroy each robot within 10 seconds you’ll clear the stage and collect stars, 3 being the max per level. Each level is broken down into 3 time tiers awarding you a star in the time tier you fall under. Beat a level and only 0.67 til the next star? Try and try again for that satisfying 3rd star. And for bragging rights, a global leader board is in place to see where you stand against others. Screenshots don’t do this game justice, so I’ve included a play through of the game. Watch as I painstakingly accept the challenge 10 Second Ninja X throws at me as I fail over and over again only to bask in the glory of getting a time that awards 3 stars.

Final Reaction

There aren’t that many games that provide such a great challenge but also being fun at the same time. Though it can be frustrating when not getting the timing right, or just barely missing the top score, 10 Second Ninja X will keep challenging you with harder and harder levels. And that’s the fun part, taking each level defeat after defeat trying to discover the sweet spot for each movement and breaking records. You’ll rip your hair out for each slight mishap but also throws your arms in the air after each conquest. 10 Second Ninja X is the most fun you’ll have while repeating each level

Rating: 5/5 Atoms


You can download 10 Second Ninja X on PS4 as well as PS Vita, XBOX One, and Steam. A digital copy was provided for the purpose of this review.

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